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the school, through our unique Montessori pedagogy.


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HeadStart Montessori is a family run school and family orientated school, which focuses on the children in our environment, which is a home away from home. While we consciously prepare our children for life and aim to develop future citizens who care for and will contribute meaningfully to the community and environment, we enjoy watching the children grow from strength to strength, gaining independent, self-acceptance, curiosity and knowledge of the world, as well as gaining a love for learning.HeadStart Montessori is a nurturing and safe environment, where each child and family are part of a family unit, where children develop and grow into independent and confident critical thinkers of tomorrow as our environments are peaceful and conductive to effective learning.

Our Mission

HeadStart Montessori aims to lead and guide children into becoming integrated, independent, fully functioning adults who will be instrumental in the future of our country.

Our Vision:

HeadStart Montessori rests on four pillars, cultivating in its pupils:

  • A passion for excellence in the things that they do and a joyful scholarship.
  • A deeply internalised set of core values that one lives by.
  • A sense of being part of the family of humanity – a global understanding.
  • And a commitment of service back to the community and to people known and not yet met.