Mission Statement

"Headstart Montessori Pre-School is a model, multicultural community, dedicated to promoting quality Montessori education for children from age two to six. It aims to lead and guide children into becoming integrated, independent, fully functioning adults who will be instrumental in the future of our country"

Headstart Montessori creates a positive learning environment which provides:

  • A balance of freedom and boundaries.
  • Opportunities to become responsible human beings.
  • An aesthetic surrounding that requires care.
  • Quality interaction with teachers.
  • Varied social interaction through the availability of a multi-age range.
  • Equipment that allows individual interaction.

Our Vision:

A great school rests on four pillars, cultivating in its pupils:
1.    A passion for excellence in the things that they do and a joyful scholarship.
2.   A deeply internalised set of core values that one lives by.
3.   A sense of being part of the family of humanity - a global understanding.
4.   And a commitment of service back to the community and to people known and not yet met.

  This is what we at HeadStart Montessori are striving for - Help us to help your children.

Contact Us

  • Mobile Mashoto: 082 599 4806
  • Address: 1 Oak Avenue Craigavon Fourways
  • Email: Click Here
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