About HeadStart Montessori Pre-School

HeadStart Montessori Pre-School is a model, multicultural community, dedicated to promoting quality Montessori education for children from the age of 18 months to six years. We are a small school, situated in Craigavon, Fourways, providing a homey, safe and nurturing environment. We have a child-centered and holistic approach to learning, where each child has the ability to move freely and explore all areas of learning.  We identify each child’s potential and strengths and nurture them by giving them the prospective to flourish and become independent and confident young people.
HeadStart Montessori provides an environment where each child has a passion for excellence in the things that they do and scholarship; where our children have a deeply internalized set of core values and a sense of being part of the family of humanity. We focus on the Montessori teachings of our Cosmic task, which is a commitment of service back to the community and to people known and unknown.
We aim to lead and guide children into becoming integrated, independent and fully functional adults, who will be instrumental in the future of our country, and we live by the motto “Help me to do it myself”, – Dr. Maria Montessori.
HeadStart Montessori is a proud member of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA).